Siblings of one parentage

siblings-1Why do we fight as a continent when we are all the same. I recently had the opportunity of interacting with people from nine African countries and I was amazed by the things I discovered.

First I noticed that there are a lot of similarities in the things we do, how we do them, in the foods we eat and how they are prepared. It made me wonder why we treat each other differently. My observation and curiously led me to discover a lot of things about our continent.  Why do I say this? Ghanaians, Togolese and Beninese all eat Banku and okro soup. Liberians also equally eat okro soup, but can you imagine what they use as an accompaniment? Rice. It might sound strange but that is a delicacy in Liberia. Ghanaians, Togolese, Beninese, Nigerians, and Cameroonians also eat fufu. Ghanaians, Togolese and Nigerians all eat Gari.

Another interesting thing I also noticed was that Ghanaians, Burkinabe, and Cameroonians wear a smock. Even though the smocks from each country looks different, I was surprised that we have similar things.

Then came the Cameroonian kind of smock. It was made of soft material and is very colorful.

These and many others are the things that make us one. Why then do we discriminate against people? Are you a Ghanaian, Togolese, Beninese, Nigerian where ever you come from know that you are unique, beautiful, and add up to making the world beautiful. Can we do better in the way we treat people?

3 Ways to Be Yourself

blog picture- who am iBefore you can succeed in life you need to know who you are, where you come from and where you are going. If you cannot clearly answer any of these questions you are in trouble, because the lack of clarity in answering these questions can impede your progress in life.

If you do not know who you are, you will not know where you come from. And if you do not know where you come from you will not know where you are going. A lot of people are struggling with a basic question about their identity. They  are unable to clearly understand who they are and this has created a lot of confusion in their minds regarding their purpose in life.

For you to know your purpose you need to consult the owner of your life. He is the only one who is able to tell you who you are, where you come from and where you are going. After consulting God about your purpose you need to do these three things in order to be yourself.

  1. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  2. Develop your God-given talents and use it to benefit mankind.
  3. Know how you learn. Some people are visual learner, some are kinetic learners and still others are auditory learner.

After you have done these you will begin to see some improvement in your life. Because you will begin to see what you are interested in, what motivates you and what makes you glow. These will free your mind to be able to think about the things that interest you and will help you connect with people that share similar interest with you. This will help you build a network of individuals who are passionate about the things that interest you and will help you grow your talents and your abilities.

It is good for you to reflect from time to time to see whether you are making progress in your life or whether you have become stale. These will help you become a better person as you are growing daily in your talents and your abilities. You will also be able to take on challenges that will shapen your skills, talents and capabilities.

You can be so much better than who you are now. Why don’t you get out of your shell and live your life. You are great, just be you.

How I overcame the challenge of writing

downloadI believe writing is a skill everyone should endeavour to incorporate into their daily lives. But my journey with writing has not been a particularly interesting one. If there were any subjects I hated in Primary and Junior Secondary School (J.S.S.) it was English composition, Pre-Technical Skills, and Mathematics.

I liked to read, do comprehension, summary and any aspect of English except composition. I dreaded it like a plaque. I just couldn’t wait for the lesson to end.
I continued to Senior Secondary School with the same attitude towards Composition. Then I proceeded to the University and I had to study Communication Skills and there Composition reared it ugly head again. I did not know how to do away with it.

Luckily unlike Primary, Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School I had to take Communication Skills for only one year. Even though it did not like creative writing, I liked research, therefore, when I had to do my project work , I successfully delivered it on point.I enjoyed analysing data and giving analysis from my observation. I had more than enough information to butcher and I produced an excellent thesis. Then I graduated from the university in flying colours.

I proceeded with my national service.  I did not have to write reports. I registered new clients and renewed health insurance cards for old clients. I also spent time briefing clients on the policies and procedures of the organization. I loved the work in spite of working under some unpleasant conditions.

When I finished and had to write letters for employment, nothing annoyed me more than writing an application letter and cover letters just put me off. As soon as I start writing it all my ideas vanish into thin air and it becomes a cumbersome task.

I did not understand why I had a big problem writing. Then it occurred to me that because I did not like writing growing up I had not fully developed my writing skills. I noticed how it was having a toll on me as each level I got to required some skill in writing which I did not have.

I then realized that the way composition has been handled in my early years in school led me to take a stance against it. I wonder how better I would have been at writing if my teachers had told me the benefits I would accrue from taking it up and developing it.

Can teachers make composition a little more interesting? Can they at least educate students on how important developing writing skills at a young age can greatly help an individual?


DECEPTION- The master tool of artisans

weavingI believe everyone in the world is talented.No one’s talent is better or more important than another person’s talent.

But I have a big challenge with artisans. They have such a fine way of expressing themselves through images, painting, clothing designs and cuts and various other ways of expressions but they can lie with no apologies attached.

I have always wondered whether deception is one of the topics artisans learnt as part of their training. I do not seem to understand why they have very good skills and yet destroy their work by telling lies.

I believe the way you handle your clients will determine the kind of clientele you will attract. Before you lie to your client, before you disappoint your client, before you take on more work than you can possibly deliver. Ask yourself what if that client is your link to sewing, designing or rendering a service to the president, UN Secretary General or even the US president is this how I am going to do it?

There is greatness in service, therefore, serve every client like you are serving the US president. You never know where your diligence, keeping to a schedule and being generally conscious of the client you are serving will take you. You never know how far your clothes, design, sculpture, furniture will go so put in your best every time and learn to tell the truth to your clients always.

They will respect you and value your services. You are talented, let the world benefit from your talent not when it is convenient for you, but every time and at every opportunity you get.


images (3)Growing up I wanted to be a seamstress, I loved fashion shows and was fascinated when I realized that Kofi Ansah, a man, was sewing women’s clothes.

Before then I knew tailors sew men’s clothes and seamstresses sew women’s clothes.I started to sew small things. I don’t remember exactly what I was sewing at the time because I was too young to make sense out of what I was doing. I was an eight-year-old girl then.

I did not know the potential that was in the world of fashion. Coming from a family full of intellectuals sewing as a profession was unheard of.

I started to sew small things. I don’t remember exactly what I was sewing at the time because I was too young to make sense out of what I was doing. I was an eight-year-old girl then. I did not know the potential that was in the world of fashion. And coming from a family full of intellectuals sewing as a profession was unheard of.

By the time I was in J.S.S, sewing had been defined as a course for school dropouts and for people without employable skills. A lot of NGOs were training people such as street children, head porters etc. how to sewing.

However, in my third year at senior secondary school, I wondered why a lot of people who learnt sewing were not using it. I got my answer when I graduated from the university and I decided to sew. I realized sewing has big potentials, I also realized that a lot of people who had been trained in sewing did not just like it.

But when I actually started sewing I realized that a lot of people are not cut out for the sewing profession but they are in it looking for  a way of escape and scaring those who want to enter the profession with scary stories.

But sewing clothes has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life. It makes me feel fulfilled. Sewing is not for school drop outs, it is not for aimless people, it is for people who are cut for it. Because born seamstresses and tailors sew for special people and are paid more than ordinary people get paid for sewing the same thing because they strive to be better every time.

Before you dump a school dropout in a sewing school or have them enter an apprenticeship in sewing ask yourself is this what they are enjoy doing. Don’t just give them employable skills help them find who they are, because who they are will employ them to be themselves not pale shadows of a seamstress or tailor.


career 3I wonder why a lot of people are just allergic to the sound of certain careers when their children want to pursue them.

Growing up, your parents, teachers, neighbours etc. ask you what you want to become in future when your answer falls around doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer immediately they think of you as smart, intelligent and useful to society.

But when you make a mistake and you tell them you want to be a mechanic, seamstress, tailor, hairdresser and any of the other professions which does not sound glorious you are in trouble, you will be  told how stupid you are and asked who informed you that those professions are lucrative.

You will be asked how many times people patronize the services of a seamstress in a year, how many times people patronize the services of a hairdresser in a year and be given very discouraging statistics  there is to accompany their assertion and if you fall into the technical category you are branded as block-headed.

I am wondering why we don’t take our cars to the nearest consulting room and call for an ambulance when our cars break down on the road. Being in the vocational and technical career path is a guarantee that you will be useful to mankind in every way possible.

The doctor cannot go to the consulting room without the services of a seamstress or tailor; otherwise, they will have to go to work naked. He cannot bypass the mechanic because he services his car, either an official or private vehicle without which he cannot do his work effectively.

He cannot do without the hairdresser or barber because his hair will look unkempt when he goes to meet his patients. This is how those not so important professionals make the doctor’s life easier because they didn’t shelve their talents.

The doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer etc are not more important than the mechanic, seamstress, hairdresser, caterer etc. Before you shut your child up for dreaming and wanting to contribute to the society in a significant way in the future remember that every career is important.

Because 10,20,30 years later when your child is not making it in life, you the parent ,guardian, neighbour etc will not be happy and your child will equally not be happy. If you want to stop sabotage in the society, at work, school, church and in all places where it is happening allow people to be who they are because that is what God will provide resources for.

To those who did not get to live their childhood dreams it is not too late to take it up and live it. There are a lot of resources on the internet, books, very specialized schools made purposely to help you fulfill your dream.

Don’t give up on your dream and on yourself. Because the same people who shut you up will be hailing you when you eventually succeed and will want to be associated with you. Give yourself an opportunity to be happy because you don’t need permission from anyone to be happy. Give yourself a chance.